Water and Sanitary Sewer

Community Development Block Grant Program though SD GOED

 CBDG programming assists communities with projects that promote economic development such as water, sewer, fire halls, community centers, health care clinics, rural water expansion projects, libraries, storm sewer/water etc. Funds may also be utilized for infrastructure to serve new or expanding businesses/manufacturing facilities. There is also a special project account to assist with economic development projects that create jobs for low- and moderate-income persons.  Urgent need and imminent threat funding is also available.

Contact CSDED to discuss project eligibility. 

USDA-Rural Development Water and Environmental Programs

Rural Development (RD) has a variety of water and waste disposal loan and grant programs to promote the economic development in rural areas. These funds can be paired with other programs to fund your next project. 

Contact CSDED for more information.

SD Department of Environment and Natural Resources State Water Plan

The SD Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR) State Water Plan is a must first step for ALL water, sewer, storm water, and stream projects. Only water projects listed on the State water plan are eligible for grant and loan funding from DENR.

Contact CSDED about getting your water project on the state water plan.

SD DENR Consolidated Water Facilities

The Consolidated Water Facilities Construction Program provides grants and loans for drinking water and wastewater projects. Visit with staff from CSDED for more details.

SD DENR Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Program

The Drinking Water SRF is a low interest loan for drinking water development projects. 

SD DENR Clean Water State Revolving Loan Program

 The Clean Water SRF is a low interest loan for clean water and non-point source pollution control projects. 

SD DENR Small Community Planning Grant

This grant is for communities that are 2,500 or less to assist with preliminary engineering and facilities planning for water and wastewater infrastructure. 

SD DENR Small Water Facility Fund

The Small Water Facility Funding Application is for drinking water projects that are not eligible for a Drinking Water SRF.


SD DOT Community Access Grant

The Community Access Grant assists communities fund the construction or reconstruction of major streets in town such as Main Street, the road to the elevator, schools, hospitals, etc. Visit with a staffer at CSDED for more information.

SD DOT Transportation Alternative

The Transportation Alternative program funding assists communities with small-scale resurfacing roads and trails such as bike trails, safe routes to school, recreational trails and more. 

SD DOT Bridge Improvement Grants

The Bridge Improvement Grant provides dedicated funding to Counties to help with preliminary engineering, preservation, structure replacement or major rehabilitation of bridges on a County's 5 Year Transportation Plan. 

SD DOT Industrial Park Program

 Industrial Park Grants are state funds which provide assistance to communities when they have a new or expanding industry and need to build or improve road access.